Kindl / Seiser

Nationality: Austrian
Disciplines: Beach Volleyball
Hometown: Vienna

Mathias Seiser and Moritz Kindl are best friends both on and off the court. This palpable harmony and the tireless will to win are qualities that drive them to peak performances. This is how they have been able to celebrate numerous joint successes in recent years.

A well-functioning team needs above all trust, fighting spirit and the right objectives. The Austrian volleyball duo is characterised above all by energy, emotion and love of their sport.

The special thing about beach volleyball, according to Mathias and Moritz, is the lifestyle: "Through the sport, we have the opportunity to practice the coolest sport on the most beautiful beaches in the world. Plus, there's nothing better than playing in front of a full centre court while the fans go crazy."

The team fulfilled a big dream by winning the Austrian National Championships in 2022.

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