Daniel Zugg


Nationality: Austrian
Discipline: Ski Mountaineering


Daniel Zugg is a professional ski mountaineer and a member of the Austrian National Ski Mountaineering Team.

Daniel started ski mountaineering with his father as a teenager. In his downtime, and in contrast to his racing and all the action that entails, Daniel seeks out the quiet backcountry tours.

According to Daniel, the best thing about ski mountaineering is that you can go your own way. "Every now and then it's like magic when you have untracked slopes everywhere and you want to be the first to ski them all," he enthuses.
With ski mountaineering making it’s debut at the Olympics, the 25th Winter Games in Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo, Daniel is hoping for a better financial aspect for the sport all round as well as growth in the sport in general.

One of his biggest dreams was to become a professional. He’s now enjoying and living out that dream.


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