Team Pfretzschner-Sowa

Pfretzschner -

Nationality: German
Discipline: Beach Volleyball


Lukas Pfretzschner and Robin Sowa together form the German Beach Volleyball National Team Pfretzschner/Sowa. The team's greatest successes so far include first place at the German Beach Tour, podium finishes at the World Tour and the title of European Junior Champions.

If they had to describe their team in a few words, they would say: "Maximum willpower is our trademark! We give all it takes to become the best team in the best sport."

According to the boys, who prefer to train in their hometown in Hamburg, the balance between a professional working atmosphere as well as a certain care-free attitude and fun, are the most important factors to be able to function well as a team.

The two dream of being able to take part in the next Olympic Games.

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