TriTiTan-TMi-Wolfpack Racing Team

Racing Team

Nationality: Belgian
Discipline: MTB

Career Highlights

Jan-Frederik Finoulst

2019 Top 5: Mountainbike Flanders (Belgium)
2020 2nd place: MTB Tour de Kärnten stage race (Austria)

Stijn van Boxstael

2019 3rd place: UCI MTB Marathon World Series Races/
5th place: Crocodile Trophy (Australia)
2020 Belgian Champion MTB XCM Elite 3

Hans Planckaert

2018 1st place: La Leyenda Del Dorado (Colombia) / 2nd place: Ford Epic UCI (Israël)
2019 1st place: Mountainbike of Flanders (Belgium)
1st place: P-road Marathon Plettenberg (Germany)
1st place: Crocodile Trophy (Australia)
2020 2nd place: Tour De Kärnten (Austria) / 6th place: Belgian Championship BEMC, La Roche-en-Ardenne (Belgium)

Matthieu Tanke

2018 47th place: Cape Epic (South Africa)
2020 5th place: Rothaus Bike Giro (Germany)

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