Matteo Della Bordella

Della Bordella

Nationality: Italian
Birthday: 04 Jul 1984
Disciplines: Mountain
Hometown: Quincinetto

Matteo Della Bordella had already started climbing at the age of 12. After many climbing trips in the mountains, always on the rope with his father Fabio, his passion for this discipline exploded. Among the Italian's favourite areas are the biggest and most remote walls on the planet, where the challenge is to get there in the first place, not just to be able to climb up. He is deeply in love with Patagonia, where he has toured many times. Other favourite destinations of Matteo are Greenland, Pakistan, India and Baffin Island. In 2006, he joined the Ragni di Lecco group, which gave him the opportunity to grow both as a mountaineer and as a person.

The special thing about mountaineering, according to Matteo, is the fact that it is never the same. "You can define your own challenges, choose your partners and every climb, every expedition will be a unique experience, radically different from all the others."

Matteo is sure that the new generations will continue to push the limits of what is possible in the mountains, climbing harder and faster than before. On the other hand, climate change poses a serious threat to climbers. Global warming is making the mountains more dangerous, and conditions for climbing are becoming more difficult every year in some areas of the world.

Never give up.

One of his biggest dreams, was to climb a new direct line on Cerro Torre. A dream he was able to realise with two great friends, David Bacci and Matteo De Zaiacomo. After his recent endeavours, it’s time to recharge his batteries and then start new adventures and find other dreams to chase.

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