Nazionalità: Austriaco
Discipline: Sailing

The newly partnered Austrian sailing duo, Lara Vadlau and Lukas Mähr, will join forces as a mixed team competing in the 470 class. Both sailors boast impressive achievements, with Lara being a prominent figure in Austrian sailing, holding two world and European championship titles each. Lukas has earned accolades, including a bronze medal at the 2017 World Championships.

Describing themselves as "sailing-crazy, hard-working athletes" who prioritize their shared dream, the duo emphasizes the importance of aligning goals and maintaining open communication for effective teamwork. They highlight the multifaceted nature of sailing, incorporating physical, atmospheric, and technical aspects. Regularly fine-tuning their boat to enhance speed is a crucial part of their daily routine.

Expressing a desire for increased spectatorship to propel the positive trajectory of their sport, Lara and Lukas stress the current challenges in making live competitions accessible to outsiders. They consider this crucial for the future of sailing. With their sights set on winning a medal at the upcoming Olympic Games, the duo remains committed to pushing the boundaries and advancing their sport. Photo © Dominik Matesa


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