Florian Konietzko


Nationality: German
Discipline: MTB


Florian has been riding his BMX and MTB around the world since E.T. hit the theatres in 1982. When he was 6 years old, he got his first BMX from his parents, of course in special E.T. livery, which he still raves about today ;-).
During his active time as a pro, Flo competed in numerous competitions where he won his podium places and celebrated worldwide success in his field. Nowadays, he supports several sponsors in the area of press coordination. Flo also founded his own bike academy, where anyone who wants to learn how to bike with professional guidance can have lessons. The unique thing about his sport in his opinion, is the strong sense of community, which he says is like a big family for him; just as the evil eye eyewear team are.

For the future development of cycling, Flo would like to see more production handed over to local companies, especially in light of the environmental advantage of producing locally.

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