Jonatan Garcia


Nationality: Spanish
Discipline: Mountain

Career Highlights

Besides opening several routes in the Pyrenees such as those listed below, Jonatan has completed hundreds of ascents to the highest Pyrenees peak Aneto (3404 m).

“El tío Gerardo”, south fase of Russell, 290 m, M6/45° 2020
Fret y fame”, west face of Aneto, 305 m, M5+/65° 2020
Ama Dablam (6812 m) winter ascent 2020
“Saraleti”, La Mina Peak , 275 m, 90°/IV+/M5 2019
Manaslu (8156 m) 2018
Annapurna (8091 m) 2017
Aconcagua (6962 m) alone 2014

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