Matteo Della Bordella

Della Bordella

Nationality: Italian
Discipline: Mountain

Career Highlights

First ascent of west side of Bhagirathi IV (6.193 m) Himalaya Indiana, 2019
First ascent of Cerro Riso Patron Sud (2.350 m), Patagonia, Cile, 2018
First ascent of East side of Cerro Murallon (2.780m) Patagonia, 2018
Matteo opened 7 new climbing routes on Baffin island. Highlight: “Coconut connection” route on Great Sail Peak (1.555 m) 2016.
Greenland: “Shark Tooth”, a new climbing route of 900 metres, 2014
First ascent of west side of Torre Egger (2.885 m),Patagonia, 2013.

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