Oliver Lair

Oliver Lair

Nationality: Austria
Birthday: 03 Jun 1968
Disciplines: Mountain
Home town: Rietz, Austria

Oliver Lair is a mountain guide, high-altitude mountaineer and trail runner. Born in Tyrol, he grew up in Trentino, Italy, until the second grade of primary school, when he returned to his beloved Tyrol at the age of 8. From an early age, he was passionate about nature and the mountains, where he loved to hang out with his friends and undertake daring adventures.
What Oliver appreciates about mountain sports is the activity in the great outdoors. "Feeling the forces and influences of nature, being on your own and the awareness of being only a very small part of the big picture is what I like most. The infinite feeling of freedom and the feeling of happiness when you reach the summit are simply the most beautiful things."

For the future development of mountain sports, Oliver would like to see a corresponding increase in awareness with humility and respect for other ethnic groups and their way of life, animals and natural resources. "We want many more generations to be able to enjoy these wonderful activities."

He also wishes to be able to experience the beauties of our planet together with his wife for a long time to come. In doing so, Oliver still wants to reach one or two peaks and special regions and return in good health.
Due to his visual impairment, Oliver uses evil eye RX, which supports him in practising his sport on a daily basis. "In mountain sports, tricky situations can often arise and especially then it is important to be able to act quickly and correctly. Good and reliable vision is one of the most important requirements. With the optical glasses from evil eye, this is one hundred percent possible!"

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