Markus Hamedinger


Nationality: Austrian
Birthday: 07 Feb 1992
Disciplines: Cycling , Mtb
Hometown: Schaerding

Our evil eye athlete Markus Hamedinger has been dedicated to competitive cycling for 15 years now. Since then, he has been able to achieve many great successes at national level. These include: Participations in national championships, podium finishes in countless marathons and already 5 participations in the Race around Austria.

His passion for cycling developed quite early, as he tells us: "From the initial everyday riding, the passion for cycling evolved pretty soon. Since my home community is very enthusiastic about cycling, the individual sport very quickly became a cool teamsport. Thus, the often quite hard and monotonous training became much easier for everyone."

The special thing about the sport, according to Markus, is the perfect balance to everyday office life. He especially enjoys being out and about in nature. The rapid downhill runs in his favorite training areas in Austria give him a special kick.

For his future, Markus hopes to be able to continue his sport for as long as possible without serious injury.

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