Magdalena Lobnig


Nazionalità: Austriaco
Data di nascita: 19 Luglio 1990
Discipline: Rowing
Luogo di nascita: Völkermarkt

I discovered rowing at young age and have enjoyed it ever since. I finally discovered a sport that I felt was completely different to any other. I really enjoyed gliding along the water.

For the future development of her sport, Magdalena would like to see rowing receive the attention it deserves. She sees it as a healthy sport with a low risk of injury. As a result, rowing can be practiced well into old age because the joints and frame are not exposed to impact stress.

After winning the Olympic bronze medal, Magdalena sees her next goals as none other than the silver and gold medals. Magdalena also says, “Besides the Olympics, a dream of mine would be to compete in another top-class race with my sister.“

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