Alba De Silvestro

De Silvestro

Nationality: Italian
Birthday: 03 Oct 1995
Disciplines: Ski Mountaineering
Home town: Padola Comelico

Alba de Silvestro is a distinguished ski mountaineer and esteemed member of the Italian national team. Her passion for sports ignited during her childhood, where she spent countless hours immersed in mountainous terrain. Embracing the seasons, she honed her skills in skiing during winter and mountain running throughout the summers.

Recognizing the synergy between these pursuits, Alba gravitated towards ski mountaineering, marking the inception of a remarkable career adorned with triumphs.

For Alba, the allure of her sport lies in its intimate connection with nature. "I've always been drawn to athletic endeavors, but nothing compares to the serenity of the mountains, blanketed in snow beneath the sun's gentle rays. Ski mountaineering encompasses the exhilarating ascent and the thrilling descent. While the uphill journey demands endurance, the downhill descent epitomizes pure enjoyment."


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