Made in Austria

rapid and smooth transition

0.6 seconds from dark to bright and back.

eVARiO reliable technology . Even works behind windscreens.

LST® bright blue mirror base lens:

Contrast intensifying and brightening effect along with better vision in diffuse light.

Photovoltaic Cell

The LCD module is supplied with power via an integrated photovoltaic cell. No need for batteries or charging.

LCD Module

The LCD module changes the tint from protection level C2 to C3 depending on the light radiation. Automatically and rapidly.

Maurice Clavel -  Pro Triathlete

Especially in triathlon, where you’re reaching high speeds in descents and passing through dark and bright light conditions, speed matters. The e-VARiO lens adapts so rapidly that I’m able to totally focus on my race.

Maurice Clavel - Pro Triathlete

Joris Ryf - Swiss E-MTB Champion

The races are getting faster and faster. So, it's ideal when the sports eyewear adapt to varying light conditions in under a second. That means my focus isn’t interrupted and I’m 100% concentrated on my performance.

Joris Ryf - Swiss E-MTB Champion

Jana Gigele - Road cyclist

When you ride a road bike through tunnels or avalanche gallery tunnels, you have a wide variety of lighting conditions. The e-VARiO reacts so rapidly to light changes and that really helps me to react faster in curves and difficult passages.

Jana Gigele - Road cyclist

Fabian Costa - ex XC MTBer

This new technology in sports eyewear is extremely cool - especially when mountain biking in the forest, there are a lot of sudden light and shadow situations - the e-VARIO compensates perfectly for that.

Fabian Costa - ex XC MTBer

Anna Holzer - Road cyclist

The e-VARiO responds incredibly fast. It dims and brightens in under a second. This is a brilliant feature, especially in biking, and it helps take the athlete to the next level.

Anna Holzer - Road cyclist

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