Ragni di Lecco

di Lecco

Nationality: Italian
Disciplines: Mountain

Ragni di Lecco is a group of climbers, founded back in 1946. The mission of the group is to unite the best alpinists of the area, to achieve big climbs in the mountains.
The story of Ragni di Lecco (“Ragni” means spider) started back in 1946, when four young boys found the inspiration to draw a logo that would have become a legend. Their names were Giulio and Nino Bartesaghi, Emilio Ratti and Gigino Amati. They were convinced by the name Ragni from an exclamation of the famous Italian climber Tita Piaz, who said “this man climbs like a spider” while looking at Gigi Vitali, one of the first members of the group.

“It was love at first sight, because there are endless possibilities and ways to enjoy the mountains: the commitment to a great route, the feeling of moving fast in the mountains or just hanging out in the mountains with my friends.” the boys agree.

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