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The Game Changer

Unlock your full potential on the field with crystal-clear vision – it's the ultimate game-changer! That's why our frames can be optically glazed to your prescription, offering three customizable options to tailor your perfect sports eyewear. Like all evil eye frames crafted with precision in Austria, our optical glazing solutions ensure premium quality. Consult your nearby optician and gear up for victory with evil eye today.

    Direct glazing

    Direct glazing presents the most streamlined aesthetic solution. Using this method, lenses with your prescription and preferred lens colour are ground and inserted directly into the frame. Direct glazing therefore offers you the greatest possible field of vision.

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      Adapter glazing

      evil eye offers a prescription lens solution especially for shield models. In this technique, the lens is ground to your prescription and preferred lens colour and mounted into an adapter. This adapter is then inserted into the frame of the sport eyewear model.

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        Clip-in glazing

        The most versatile lens solution is the clip-in. In this case, the lenses are ground to match your prescription and attached by means of a clip-in directly behind the lens of the sport eyewear.

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        Sports Glasses with high end prescription lenses from evil eye.

        Explore evil eye prescription sports glasses with premium lenses, tailored for clear vision in various sports activities like cycling, running, hiking, water sports, or skiing. Crafted in collaboration with the Austrian brand Silhouette, these quality lenses are customized to individual prescription needs. Discover high-functional sports glasses featuring innovative designs, aerodynamic frames, and superior sun protection. At evil eye, quality and safety take precedence, offering an extensive range of optical sports glasses for both men and women. From subtle models with clear lenses to tinted glasses in vibrant colors, evil eye ensures the perfect sports eyewear for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether professional or recreational.

        Premium Features of Optical Sports Glasses

        evil eye, part of the Austrian eyewear manufacturer Silhouette International, specializes in premium prescription glasses since 1964. Since 2019, evil eye has set new standards in sports eyewear, leveraging years of expertise, innovative technologies, and high-quality standards. Clear vision is essential for sports performance and success, and evil eye's optical sports glasses provide sharp vision, quick responsiveness, and minimize the risk of injuries. Eyes are reliably protected against environmental influences.

        Prescription Sports Glasses with UV Protection for Maximum Safety

        Bei evil eye Sportbrillen stehen zuverlässiger Sonnenschutz, höchste Sicherheit und klarer Durchblick an erster Stelle. Um diese Faktoren zu gewährleisten, bieten alle Brillen 100 % UV-Schutz und können individuell an die benötigte Sehstärke angepasst werden.

        Die innovative Gläsertechnologie von evil eye schützt die Augen vor aufgewirbeltem Staub, Wind, Kälte, Insekten und schädlicher Sonneneinstrahlung. Ganz egal, ob beim gemütlichen Wandern mit der Familie, abenteuerlichen Bedingungen im hochalpinen Gelände oder einer schnellen Runde auf dem Rennrad – Sportbrillen von evil eye sind der perfekte Begleiter beim Outdoor-Sport.

        Reliable Sun Protection & Innovative Lens Technology:

        evil eye sports glasses provide not only reliable sun protection but also numerous advantages. Concentration is crucial in outdoor sports to avoid falls and injuries, especially in rapidly changing light conditions. To alleviate eye strain and ensure safety, choose sports glasses with unique VARiO technology. The self-tinting lenses automatically adjust to different light situations, allowing you to tackle every sporting challenge.

        Prescription Sports Glasses with Individualized Optical Lenses from Austrian Precision Manufacturer

        evil eye prescription sports glasses stand out with their broad visor and aerodynamic frame that comfortably fits the face. Optical lenses can be customized to the required prescription, making them an excellent solution for athletes with vision impairments. With evil eye models, you will always be opting for the best fit and highest quality.

        Three Options for Prescription Sports Glasses:

        • Direct Glazing: Optical lenses are directly inserted into the sports glasses, offering the most convenient solution suitable for all sports.

        • Clip-in Lenses: Corrective lenses are attached to the inside of the glasses using a clip-in function.

        • Adapter Solution: Glasses are fitted with an adapter on the inside, providing flexibility and even allowing wear with contact lenses.

        Frequently Asked Questions about evil eye Prescription Sports Glasses

        Can I wear prescription sports glasses?

        Yes, evil eye sports glasses can be equipped with lenses tailored to individual prescriptions, ensuring clear vision during sports activities.

        Why choose prescription sports glasses?

        Prescription sports glasses offer several advantages for individuals dependent on glasses during sports. They provide clear vision to detect obstacles and dangers early, reduce the risk of injuries through a precise and robust frame, and are specially designed to meet athletes' needs.

        What to consider when buying prescription sports glasses:

        When purchasing prescription sports glasses, consider factors such as eye protection against UV rays, the material's quality, a comfortable and secure fit, and the quality of the lenses. Opt for glasses that do not fog up to keep vision clear, and ensure the lenses are high-quality, specifically designed for sports, and adapted to individual prescriptions.

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