Christoph Vierthaler


Nationality: Austrian
Discipline: Running


Christoph Vierthaler is a middle-distance runner and is also studying mathematics and sports at the University of Salzburg with the intention of becoming a teacher. Even as a child, Christoph was fascinated by a wide variety of sports. After initially focusing mainly on climbing, he discovered his great passion for running a few years ago. Christoph invests all his free time with great dedication to his training as a runner.

For Christoph, the beauty of the sport is that although it is an individual sport and you often have to think egoistically when competing, training in a group is a special motivation. Doing "long runs" together in a group or with a running partner while enjoying nature is truly something special.

"Even during the race, you try to stay in a group and motivate each other to achieve the best possible finishing time. "At the end of the day, the moment when you cross the finish line first is priceless. It's an indescribable feeling when the spectators cheer you on during the run and ultimately cheer you on at the finish line."

The most important things in sport for Christoph is the distinct pleasure of the sport, honesty and fairness. If all these factors are present, he believes that sport is one of the best companions in life.
Christoph's biggest dream is to be at the same level as Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

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