Alex Txikon


Nationality: Spanish
Birthday: 12 Dec 1981
Disciplines: Mountain , Outdoor
Hometown: Lemoa

Winter alpinist Alex Txikon was born in the Basque Country in the middle of the winter in 1981 as the youngest of 13 siblings. Through the many siblings Alex has always been a team player and quickly developed his passion for winter expeditions. Mountain and team are an inseparable pairing throughout his career.

Since Alex was a teenager, he’s been drawn to nature and it’s mountainous regions. His passion for mountains goes back a long way, where he was 3 years old and just about walking properly. At this very young age Alex accompanied his father and reached the summit of Gorbea, the most iconic peak in the area where he grew up.

What Alex finds so special about his sport is discovering places where no one has ever been so far. “Especially in winter is when the mountain shows its true spirit, its most aggressive and inhospitable but at the same time fascinating face. That is when you must give the best of yourself in order to survive.”

One of his major career highlights and world record, is the winter ascent of the peak Manaslu (8,163m) in less than 60 hours.

Asked about how he would like to his field of sport progressing Alex explains us that everything is changing a lot and not necessarily for the better. He would simply like that all those who go to nature and travel to countries where the mountains are located, do so with respect for all that fragile environment and empathy for the people who inhabit those places.
Alex dreams of being able to continue discovering and experiencing such incredible places on this planet as he has been able to do so far. “I am sure that we still have a lot to do, many adventures to live. I am still that guy who is passionate about the mountains.”

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