Frans Claes

Frans Claes

Nationality: Belgian
Birthday: 26 Aug 1983
Disciplines: Mtb
Hometown: Leuven, BEL

Frans Claes is a Belgian athlete who has made a name for himself in the world of mountain bike marathon and stage races. With his exceptional skills and hard work, he has managed to secure several victories in his career.
What sets Claes apart is his commitment to a fully vegan lifestyle. He made the decision to go vegan in 2009. His plant-based diet has not hindered his athletic abilities; in fact, he believes that it has improved his performance and helped him recover faster after strenuous races. Apart from his athletic and environmental pursuits, Claes is also a food enthusiast. He has co-managed and supported two vegan restaurants, where he shares his love for delicious and healthy vegan food with others. In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing basketball and exploring vegan restaurants and coffee places in town.

One of factors which got Frans into his passion for mountain biking is the beauty of nature. “Mountain biking is a sport that often takes place in scenic and remote locations, allowing athletes to experience the natural world in a unique and exciting way.” Another factor is his desire to share this passion with other cyclists. “Mountain biking is a sport that is often done in groups, the sense of community that can come from cycling with others is a very powerful motivator.”

Additionally, Frans sees mountain biking as a way to challenge himself and see how far he could go in his sport. As he mentioned in the interview, he never thought he could make it to a professional level and win races, but by pushing himself to improve and compete, he was able to achieve these goals.
What makes the sport so special for Frans Claes is the combination of physical and technical challenges. “The sport of mountain biking requires a high level of physical fitness to navigate steep mountains and rough terrain. The feeling of successfully combining both physical and technical abilities to conquer a challenging course can be incredibly rewarding and thrilling.”

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