Andrea Lanfri


Nationality: Italian
Birthday: 26 Nov 1986
Disciplines: Trail Running , Mountain , Cycling

Andrea Lanfri has always been a boy passionate about mountains, sports and adventures. A serious illness tried to stop him, and instead it only increased his will to live. Today, thanks to a pair of prostheses, he runs, pedals, and climbs any mountain, even the highest in the world. His sporting career and his new life as an athlete only began thanks to a fundraiser. “I was able to start training, reaching many very important goals! I moved my limits higher and higher, getting better and better. I'm not referring only to sporting or mountaineering feats, but a good portion of my satisfaction comes from transmitting to other people the same positive energy that has allowed me to be the person I am today.”

Andrea is the first Italian track and field athlete with a double lower leg amputation who managed to break the 12-second mark over 100 meters. He conquered three Italian records, two bronze medals, together with a silver medal at the 2017 World Championships. Furthermore, he is the first athlete with multiple amputations to reach the 8849 meters of altitude of Mount Everest. He is also the holder of various records, such as the fastest mile run at altitude, valid as a Guinness World Record.

Andrea is of the opinion that limits are always renewed, they vary and change according to the moment. “When I train for a new challenge, I always share my experience to motivate people to overcome life's difficulties, small or big, to show that limits are not always real.”
His favourite evil eye model is the elate.o pro with the Vario lenses. “When doing sports in many different light conditions, Vario lenses are a great ally!”

elate.o pro

Andrea's favourite product

elate.o pro


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