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Best possible vision is a fundamental requirement for top performances, but also for greater safety and fun.
All evil eye sport eyewear models are available to match your prescription.
  • clipin
    This is the most versatile lens option. The clip-in with your prescription is mounted in the frame.
  • adapter
    With the aid of an adapter, even shield models can be optically glazed to your prescription. Opt for any of the evil eye lens colours and have it mounted into one of the adapters, available in four colours.
  • directglazing
    Direct inframe glazing
    Inframe glazing means that the prescription lenses with the respective lens colour are inserted directly into the frame. This gives you the greatest possible field of view.

    evil eye Prescription Running Sports eyewear: Clear Vision for Undisturbed Running Pleasure

    With evil eye's prescription sports eyewear, experience unparalleled performance and safety on the track. Tailored to your individual sight needs, our lenses ensure you spot obstacles early, guaranteeing maximum safety during outdoor activities. The aerodynamic design and versatile functionalities of our sports glasses provide optimal conditions for your running endeavors.
    evil eye's collection features a range of optical running glasses for both men and women. From subtle designs with clear lenses to vibrant tinted options, each pair boasts premium lenses crafted in collaboration with the renowned brand Silhouette, ensuring top-notch quality. Elevate your running game with evil eye's indispensable sports eyewear.

    Boost Your Running with evil eye Sport Glasses

    Our specially designed running glasses for prescription wearers offer a range of features tailored to their needs:

    1. Optimal Fit: Ergonomic design for maximum comfort.
    2. High-Quality Lenses: Crystal clear vision and UV protection.
    3. Anti-Fog Technology: Clear vision even in challenging weather conditions.
    4. Impact Resistance: Durable materials for long-lasting use.
    5. Versatility: Suitable for both men and women.

    Enhance Your Performance with High-Functionality Running Glasses

    Reinforcing safety and boosting performance, our sports glasses for prescription wearers come equipped with:
    • Double-Snap Nose Bridge: Ensures a snug, slip-free fit on your nose.
    • Tri.Fit: Three-angle adjustable temple arms provide stability during fast movements on uneven terrain.
    • Ventilation System: Bold Prevents lens fogging and ensures optimal air circulation.

    Running Glasses with Prescription and Sun Protection for Clear Vision on Every Running Track

    Reliable sun protection and maximum safety are always top priorities with evil eye sports glasses. That's why our eyewear with individual prescriptions also offer 100% UV protection. The innovative lens technology not only shields your eyes from harmful sun exposure but also from low-hanging branches and kicked-up dust. Whether you're a recreational runner, professional sprinter, or marathon runner – you can trust the material completely, thus maximizing your performance potential while running.

    Lens Technology with Reliable UV Protection for Ideal Vision While Running

    evil eye sports glasses offer much more than just reliable sun protection. Running often demands the utmost concentration to avoid falls or other injuries. Especially in rapidly changing light-shadow conditions and challenging terrain with roots or stones, the eyes are put under tremendous strain. Under such conditions, it's advisable to choose running glasses with self-tinting lenses to relieve the eyes and ensure maximum safety. Glasses with the unique VARiO lens technology automatically and seamlessly adapt to the respective light situation, guaranteeing sharp vision in every situation.

    Running Glasses for Prescription Wearers – Men and Women

    evil eye offers an effective solution for athletes torn between sports glasses and prescription eyewear. Our prescription sports glasses feature lenses with an expansive field of vision and a frame with customizable elements to adapt to your facial contours, ensuring maximum comfort.

    Choose from three options when selecting prescription sports glasses:

    1. Direct glazing: Optical lenses are seamlessly integrated into the sports glasses, ideal for all sporting activities.
    2. Clip-in Lenses: Optical correction lenses are attached to the inside of the glasses using a clip-in mechanism.
    3. Adapter System: Optical lenses are affixed to the inside of the sports glasses using an adapter, offering flexibility and compatibility with contact lenses.

    FAQs about Running Prescription Sports Eyewear

    Why do I need prescription sports glasses?

    Numerous athletes rely on glasses in their everyday activities but often choose to forgo them during sports, exposing themselves to notable performance and safety hazards. Strained eyes and consequent focus problems heighten the likelihood of accidents. Opting for customized prescription sports glasses optimized for your vision not only improves perception but also boosts safety during running activities.

    What makes a good pair of prescription sports glasses?

    Whether you prefer clear or tinted lenses, it's crucial for athletes and amateurs alike who have vision impairments to opt for prescription sports glasses for clear vision and safety while running. evil eye's sports glasses automatically adjust to changing light conditions and ensure a secure, slip-free fit.

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