Joris Ryf


Nationality: Swiss
Birthday: 04 Oct 1997
Disciplines: Cycling , Mtb
Hometown: Täuffelen – Bern
Favorite location: Stellenbosch – South Africa

From the age of 14 onwards, Joris spent every free minute riding his mountain bike. Today, the Swiss-born rider competes internationally riding for his own team, JR RACING and additionally for the BERGSTROM team in the e-XC discipline. He competes in regular XC riding and e-bike XC disciplines.

For Joris, mountain biking is a way of life that doesn't just consist of training and racing. It also includes interaction with other riders from the community, that’s growing steadily, but also with his supporters. Joris regards it a huge privilege to be able to call the sport his job and enjoys every minute of it. Joris would especially like for E-XCO as a competitive sport to receive even more recognition and to be able to participate in a combined XCO and E-XCO World Cup in the future, which does not yet exist in this form.

When asked about his biggest sporting dream, he answers: "The obvious answer would be to say that I’d like to be an Olympic medalist or World champion one day. But I’m actually already living my dream, because I have the opportunity to travel the whole world with my bike and to inspire younger riders and the general public with the sport of mountain biking. What could be better?"


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