Eric Diener

Eric Diener

Nationality: German
Birthday: 20 Jun 2000
Disciplines: Triathlon

evil eye athlete Eric Diener has been training at the Olympic Training Center Freiburg since 2019 and is a member of the national squad of the German Triathlon Union. Among his greatest successes is the fourth place at the U23 World Championships in Abu Dhabi 2022.
Starting at just the age of 10, Eric found his passion in triathlon. "Having always had a lot of energy and endurance, cycling and running are natural sports for me. Through the many years in the club (Tuttlinger Sportfreunde) and at the base in Freiburg, I was always lucky to have really good training partners.

According to Eric, what makes triathlon special is the combination of sports and the associated training structure. But what also makes triathlon unique are the amateur athletes. "I believe that there are few sports where there are as many extremely ambitious amateur athletes as pros in triathlon. It's fascinating how many age group athletes mercilessly push through their training program alongside a 40-hour work week and family," Eric tells us.

For the future development of his sport, he would like to see the short distance in Germany gain more recognition from the public and sponsors. Eric's biggest dream is to participate in the Olympic Games and later in the Ironman World Championship.


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