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La migliore visione possibile è un requisito fondamentale per ottenere le massime prestazioni nello sport, ma anche per una maggiore sicurezza e divertimento.
Tutti gli occhiali sportivi evil eye sono disponibili con la tua graduazione.
  • clipin
    È la soluzione per il montaggio di lenti oftalmiche più versatile. Il clip-in con lenti graduate viene montato nella montatura.
  • adapter
    Adattatore ottico
    Con l'aiuto di un adattatore, i modelli Shield sono disponibili anche con graduazione. I valori di correzione ottica sono montati nel colore di lente desiderato in uno dei 4 colori disponibili per l'adattatore e inseriti insieme nella montatura.
  • directglazing
    Graduazione diretta
    Con l'inserimento diretto, le lenti oftalmiche vengono inserite nella montatura nel rispettivo colore. In questo modo si ottiene il campo visivo più ampio possibile.

    evil eye mountaineering eyewear meets the toughest demands on the mountain

    Hiking, mountaineering, climbing, trekking or skiing – mountaineering has many facets, each placing specific demands on you and your equipment. You have to deal with rapid changes in weather and increasing sun exposure – and the higher you go, the more intense the UV radiation. With evil eye mountaineering eyewear, you are well equipped to conquer the peaks of the world. It is developed with hard-earned precision and expertise to offer you 100% UV protection and clear vision in even extreme light and weather conditions. If you wear glasses, good news: your eyewear can be optically glazed and adjusted to your prescription, letting you enjoy maximum flexibility and keeping you prepared for every situation.

    High-end equipment for ambitious outdoor athletes and enthusiasts – mountain sport eyewear by evil eye

    evil eye sport eyewear for mountaineering is the right choice if you hold yourself and your equipment to the highest standards. It scores highly with its outstanding performance and ingenious features, engineered to be extremely practical for sport in the mountains. evil eye, launched in 2019, is part of the family-owned company Silhouette International. The reputable brand has been setting new standards in the sport eyewear market, drawing on Silhouette's considerable expertise crafting premium, functional men's and women's eyewear since 1964. When it comes to product development, the company knows what matters and leaves nothing to chance. Each model is thoughtfully designed down to the smallest detail. From the frame to the nose pad, all elements are optimised for functionality and work perfectly together. Ideal for hiking, climbing or mountaineering, evil eye sport eyewear offers a superior level of comfort, excellent vision and performs well even in harsh conditions.

    Innovative evil eye lens technology: perfectly equipped for mountain terrain

    Light conditions in the mountains can be challenging. Not only are sun exposure and UV radiation more intense, but there is also a much higher level of reflection, especially on snow-covered surfaces. If you want to protect your eyes, sport eyewear is a must. Whether the lenses are light, transparent or darkly tinted, evil eye mountaineering eyewear provides 100% protection against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation. It is available in several protection levels and transmits different levels of light depending on the design.

    • Protection level 0 to 1: evil eye protection levels 0 and 1 lenses have a slight to moderate tinted and let through most light, making them ideal for use on cloudy days.
    • Protection level 2 to 3: evil eye protection levels 2 and 3 lenses are medium to darkly tinted and block out a higher proportion of light. These lenses are especially beneficial in sunny weather.

    • Protection level 4: evil eye protection level 4 lenses are very darkly tinted and designed for extreme sunlight, like that found in high mountains or on glaciers.

    evil eye VARiO lenses with interchangeable lenses present another option in sport eyewear. They are self-tinting and automatically adjust to the ambient brightness, which means the lenses darken in sunny weather and lighten when it gets cloudier. VARiO lenses are available in multiple protection levels and are an excellent choice if you want to stay focused on your sport without having to swap lenses in the middle of the action.

    All evil eye mountaineering eyewear features innovative Light Stabilizing Technology (LST®). LST® filters transform the light intensity to a comfortable level for the eyes and enhance contrasts, letting you perceive your surroundings better. evil eye mountaineering eyewear with polarized lenses reduces light reflections, which frequently quickly occur on surfaces covered in snow and ice. This eyewear effectively deflects the light so that you won't get blinded by the glare.

    Mountaineering eyewear from evil eye provides the optimal fit

    In addition to its high-end lens technologies, evil eye mountaineering eyewear has a variety of impressive practical features. The frames are made of ultra-light PPX®, which was developed explicitly for evil eye. Exceedingly robust, this material is still flexible enough to allow a pressure-free fit. The temples can be adjusted into three positions for the perfect fit, while the ribbed structure on the temple ends provides an even better grip. With the advanced ventilation system, moist air is dissipated, which means the lenses won't fog up too quickly – perfect for that gnarly mountain terrain demanding your full attention.

    Sport eyewear with your prescription

    evil eye sport eyewear stands for individuality. Regardless of whether you are short-sighted or long-sighted, all evil eye eyewear can be optically glazed and adjusted to your prescription, with direct glazing, adapter or clip-in solutions available. Whatever model you choose, mountaineering sport eyewear from evil eye won't let you down on your high-altitude adventures.

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