Maurice Clavel

Maurice Clavel

Nationality: German
Birthday: 03 Feb 1988
Disciplines: Triathlon

Our evil eye athlete Maurice Clavel is a professional triathlete. Growing up near Offenburg, Maurice always had a lot of fun exercising in nature and thus discovered sports for himself. He started club sports at the age of twelve as a member of the swimming club. The passion for swimming and cycling has always accompanied Maurice. "Even as a little boy, I swam a lot in the Mediterranean in the summer with my grandparents. With my father, I did great cycling tours on weekends all year round, and at school I took part in every race," Maurice remembers.

The special thing about his sport, says Maurcie, is that both beginners and ambitious amateur athletes are on the course together with the professionals. That makes it a unique experience for everyone. Maurice believes triathlon combines the three most beautiful endurance sports. The art of mastering these three yet different movements and requirements is what makes the sport of triathlon so special.

"The future of this still young sport is promising. More and more people are discovering the fascination and taking up the challenge, each at their own individual level. My wish for the future is that triathlon will be on everyone's lips and that people all over the world will enjoy this great sport."


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