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Best possible vision is a fundamental requirement for top performances, but also for greater safety and fun.
All evil eye sport eyewear models are available to match your prescription.
  • clipin
    This is the most versatile lens option. The clip-in with your prescription is mounted in the frame.
  • adapter
    With the aid of an adapter, even shield models can be optically glazed to your prescription. Opt for any of the evil eye lens colours and have it mounted into one of the adapters, available in four colours.
  • directglazing
    Direct inframe glazing
    Inframe glazing means that the prescription lenses with the respective lens colour are inserted directly into the frame. This gives you the greatest possible field of view.

    Discover the Ultimate Protection with evil eye Climbing Sports Glasses

    Elevate your climbing experience with evil eye climbing sports glasses, meticulously crafted to meet the demanding conditions of high-altitude adventures. Our alpine eyewear boasts state-of-the-art lens technology, providing unrivaled UV protection against the intense mountain sun and glare from snowy landscapes. Designed for safety and performance, these glasses feature a secure grip and a flexible nose shield, shielding you from UV rays, wind, and cold.
    evil eye climbing glasses cater even to those with visual impairments, offering optical lenses from the esteemed Austrian manufacturer, Silhouette. These lenses ensure clear vision amidst the challenges of alpine terrain, adapting seamlessly to diverse climbing needs.

    Crafted with High-End PPX® for Unmatched Durability

    Our climbing frames feature our in house exclusively created innovative frame material PPX®, which is simultaneously resilient and flexible. It is lightweight yet durable and guarantees comfort during extended climbs in high-altitude environments.

    Tailored Features for climbers

    evil eye climbing sports eyewear are packed with features to enhance your climbing experience:

    • temples ensure a personalized fit, accommodating various head shapes and preferences.

    • face-fit foam pad:Anatomically shaped foam pads protect against harsh weather conditions, keeping your eyes shielded from rain, wind, or snow.

    • double-snap nose bridge: Non-slip, soft materials ensure a secure grip without discomfort, adapting to individual nose shapes.

    • head strap: Designed to maintain a secure hold in all body positions, the head strap prevents slippage without causing pressure.

    • ventilation system: Dynamic ventilation prevents fogging, ensuring clear vision in changing conditions.

    • nose cover: Flexible silicone covers protect against UV radiation, cold, and wind, reducing the risk of skin damage in high-alpine environments.

    All the features of the evil eye climbing sports eyewear have proven themselves during tours in the field and are popular among ambitious climbers. Our glasses are robust and highly functional, serving as reliable companions during your climbing expeditions.

    Advanced Technology for Unrivaled Clarity

    evil eye incorporates Light Stabilizing Technology LST® to ensure optimal clarity in any climbing scenario. Whether facing intense sunlight, fluctuating light conditions, or harsh weather, LST® guarantees clear vision throughout your ascent.

    Space by evil eye: Maximum UV Protection

    For climbers tackling high-altitude UV exposure, Space lenses offer unparalleled protection with a category 4 rating, safeguarding your eyes against damaging UV radiation.

    Interchangeable Lenses for Versatility

    Adapt your evil eye climbing glasses to varying light conditions with interchangeable lenses:

    - LST® bright: Enhances contrast in foggy conditions for improved visibility.
    - LST® bright VARiO:Adjustable tinting adapts to changing light conditions.
    - LST® active: Adapts to fluctuating sun and shade, ensuring consistent visibility.
    - LST® grey: Enhances contrast with UV protection suitable for mountain environments.
    - LST® blue light VARiO blue mirror: Protects against blue light, enhancing contrast for added safety.

    Optical Solutions for Every Climber

    For climbers with visual impairments, evil eye offers optical sports climbing glasses featuring lenses from Silhouette. Choose from three options:

    Clip in:

    Easily attach optical lenses with a clip function, to sit behind your frames lenses.

    Adapter with optical lenses:

    Optical lenses are inserted into the adapter that sit flush with your frame.

    Direct glazing:

    Opt for fixed optical lenses inserted directly into your frame and tailored to your specific visual acuity needs.


    Which climbing glasses are ideal for glacier climbing?

    For glacier and high-altitude climbing, opt for climbing glasses with a category 4 UV protection rating to safeguard against intense UV radiation exposure.

    What climbing glasses are suitable for eyeglass wearers?

    Eyeglass wearers can rely on high-quality optical climbing glasses, seamlessly integrating optical lenses for clear vision during climbs.

    What distinguishes safety glasses from climbing sports glasses?

    Climbing sports glasses are specifically designed for mountain use, offering UV protection, secure fit, and optimized tinting. Safety glasses, on the other hand, complement climbers' gear by providing clear visibility when securing partners during climbs.

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