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Best possible vision is a fundamental requirement for top performances, but also for greater safety and fun.
All evil eye sport eyewear models are available to match your prescription.
  • clipin
    This is the most versatile lens option. The clip-in with your prescription is mounted in the frame.
  • adapter
    With the aid of an adapter, even shield models can be optically glazed to your prescription. Opt for any of the evil eye lens colours and have it mounted into one of the adapters, available in four colours.
  • directglazing
    Direct inframe glazing
    Inframe glazing means that the prescription lenses with the respective lens colour are inserted directly into the frame. This gives you the greatest possible field of view.

    evil eye's bike eyewear with interchangeable lenses

    These sorts of frames allow cyclists to adapt their eyewear to different lighting conditions and weather. Made specifically for active lifestyles, evil eye's sports eyewear combines functionality, comfort, and current style. With an easy swap system, switch lenses on the fly for optimal visibility and protection.
    Whether it's sunny, cloudy, or twilight, evil eye's interchangeable lens bike glasses for both men and women are the perfect match for riders who demand versatile performance. Dive into the world of interchangeable lens bike glasses and experience unmatched comfort on your rides.

    evil eye Cycling Eyewear with Innovative Features for Optimal Performance

    evil eye cycling eyewear boasts innovative features and unique technologies that ensure optimal performance during cycling. Its aerodynamic design seamlessly conforms to facial contours, providing a comfortable fit without slipping. Equipped with high-quality lenses, this eyewear offers 100% UV protection, reliably safeguarding the eyes from harmful sunlight.

    Key Features of evil eye Interchangeable Lens Cycling Eyewear:

    Double-snap nose bridge: Ensures a comfortable fit on the nose without slipping.

    Nose cover: Provides optimal protection against UV rays, cold, and wind during cycling. With triple-adjustable temple arms, it ensures an ideal grip for sports eyewear.

    Head strap: Offers additional stability as a practical eyewear band.

    Ventilation system: Integrated ventilation ensures excellent airflow under the eyewear, preventing lens fogging.

    The robust frame of this cycling eyewear guarantees high stability, ensuring a carefree ride on your bike.

    Interchangeable Lenses & Unique Lens Technology:

    The innovative lens technology of Evil Eye provides crucial support to the eyes during cycling, amplifying the ability to swiftly detect potential dangers and obstacles while simultaneously alleviating fatigue.

    • Protection Levels: Different protection levels indicate the tint darkness. Higher levels correspond to darker tint.

    • UV Protection: All evil eye lenses provide reliable 100% protection against harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation (UV400), irrespective of tint and protection level.

    Explore the unique world of evil eye lens technology for sports eyewear:

    • LST® bright lenses: Enhance brightness, emphasize contrasts, improving visibility in low or diffuse light.
    • LST® active lenses: Improve contrast perception in the surroundings, ensuring a seamless transition between bright and shaded areas.
    • LST® contrast lenses: Preserve natural color perception and enhance visibility with strong contrasts, especially terrain contours.
    • LST® grey lenses: Enable improved contrast perception and offer a natural and pleasant color experience.
    • LST® bright VARiO lenses: Self-tinting, automatically adjusting to changing light conditions, enhancing contrasts, and brightening vision.
    • LST® blue light VARiO lenses: Automatically adjust tint to prevailing light conditions, providing protection against harmful blue light in high-altitude environments.

    Interchangeable lenses for your cycling eyewear with custom prescription optics

    Thanks to our longstanding partnership with the Austrian eyewear manufacturer Silhouette, evil eye cycling eyewear can now be optically glazed to your individual prescription. This not only allows for a stylish appearance but also ensures clear vision in every situation. You have the choice of three different lens options:

    Direct Glazing: Optical correction lenses are directly inserted into the cycling glasses.

    Clip-in Lenses: When needed, optical lenses can be attached to the inside of the glasses using a clip-in function.

    Adapter Variant: In this option, lenses with your prescription are attached to an adapter, which is then inserted into the sports glasses.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Cycling Eyewear with Interchangeable Lenses:

    Why are interchangeable lenses necessary for cycling eyewear?

    Interchangeable lenses for cycling eyewear provide a practical solution to adapt to different light conditions and weather. Clear vision is crucial for safety and performance in cycling. With interchangeable lenses, the tint of the eyewear can be adjusted according to individual preferences and eye sensitivity.

    Which lenses are suitable for different weather conditions?

    • Cloudy: Basic lenses with clear or VARiO technology lenses with high light transmission and protection level 0-3.
    • Diffuse: LST® lenses with medium to high light transmission and protection level 1-3.
    • Sunny: LST® lenses or VARiO technology lenses with medium light transmission and protection level 2-3.
    • Strongly Sunny: Polarized lenses or LST® lenses with low light transmission and protection level 3-4.
    • High UV Radiation: Basic lenses space or LST® lenses VARiO with low light transmission and protection level 4.

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