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Best possible vision is a fundamental requirement for top performances, but also for greater safety and fun.
All evil eye sport eyewear models are available to match your prescription.
  • clipin
    This is the most versatile lens option. The clip-in with your prescription is mounted in the frame.
  • adapter
    With the aid of an adapter, even shield models can be optically glazed to your prescription. Opt for any of the evil eye lens colours and have it mounted into one of the adapters, available in four colours.
  • directglazing
    Direct inframe glazing
    Inframe glazing means that the prescription lenses with the respective lens colour are inserted directly into the frame. This gives you the greatest possible field of view.

    evil eye MTB sports eyewear: Optimal Comfort & Peak Performance

    For those passionate about pushing their limits on the mountain bike trails while maintaining a stylish edge, evil eye MTB eyewear are the ultimate choice. Crafted for both functionality and fashion, these sports eyewear elevate athletic prowess and enhance the thrill of every ride. With their sleek aerodynamic design and array of practical features, they promise exhilarating downhill experiences on the trails.
    Within evil eye's extensive lineup of sports eyewear, cycling enthusiasts are certain to discover their ideal match. Whether it's the sleek clarity of clear lenses or the dynamic tinted options, the superior quality of evil eye mountain bike eyewear ensures unwavering support for outdoor adventures. In collaboration with Silhouette, a renowned premium brand, these MTB eyewear can even be personalized to cater to individual visual requirements, with optical lenses meticulously crafted in Austria to meet the demands of cycling.

    evil eye MTB sports glasses: a fusion of top-tier functionality and sporty elegance.

    Whether you're a novice rider or a seasoned pro, these sport eyewear impress with their innovative technologies, delivering a seamless blend of performance and style.

    Here's a breakdown of the features offered by evil eye's functional MTB sports eyewear for both men and women:

    • Nose Cover: Shields against sunlight, wind, and cold for enhanced comfort.
    • Head Strap: Ensures a secure grip, keeping the eyewear firmly in place during intense rides.
    • Tri.Fit: Allows for triple-angle adjustment of the temples for a personalized fit.
    • Double-Snap Nose Bridge: Ensures comfortable wear, providing a secure hold on the nose.
    • Ventilation System: Strategically placed ventilation slots promote optimal air circulation, minimizing fogging.

    With these cutting-edge technologies, evil eye sports eyewear deliver crystal-clear vision, comfortable wear, and maximum protection during high-speed mountain biking. Their robust frames withstand rigorous conditions, providing reliable defense against harsh weather while the non-slip temples and UV protection enhance the biking experience.

    evil eye MTB sports eyewear: Unmatched Lens Technology

    Modern MTB sports eyewear go beyond mere sun protection, doubling up as essential safety gear to prevent injuries. Engineered for a snug fit, these sports glasses shield against dust and obstacles, with every pair guaranteeing 100% UV protection.

    In mountain biking, opting for MTB sports glasses with photochromic lenses is paramount, ensuring seamless adaptation to varying light conditions. Evil eye's unique lens technology minimizes eye strain, enabling riders to focus entirely on their downhill adventures.

    With VARiO technology, these self-tinting lenses provide sharp vision even amidst rapidly changing light and shadow conditions.

    Customized Optical Lenses for MTB sport eyewear

    For riders with visual impairments, having sports glasses tailored to their needs is indispensable. evil eye offers the option to customize eyewear with optical lenses, ensuring consistently sharp vision on the mountain bike. Whether through direct glazing, clip-in lenses, or the adapter variant, riders can optimize their vision for rapid descents, minimizing the risk of injury.

    Frequently Asked Questions about MTB sports eyewear

    What type of lenses are best for mountain biking?

    Whether clear or tinted lenses, the choice depends on personal preference. However, high-quality MTB frames with lenses that seamlessly adjust to lighting conditions are recommended. This reduces eye strain and ensures clear vision in all weather conditions.

    What are the benefits of sports glasses?

    Beyond being a fashion statement, professional-grade MTB sports glasses are essential for eye protection during outdoor activities. Clear vision and a secure fit are crucial, especially at high speeds, while a large visor shields against sunlight and environmental factors.

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