Road bike sunglasses

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Best possible vision is a fundamental requirement for top performances, but also for greater safety and fun.
All evil eye sport eyewear models are available to match your prescription.
  • clipin
    This is the most versatile lens option. The clip-in with your prescription is mounted in the frame.
  • adapter
    With the aid of an adapter, even shield models can be optically glazed to your prescription. Opt for any of the evil eye lens colours and have it mounted into one of the adapters, available in four colours.
  • directglazing
    Direct inframe glazing
    Inframe glazing means that the prescription lenses with the respective lens colour are inserted directly into the frame. This gives you the greatest possible field of view.

    Road Bike Sunglasses for High Speeds

    When cycling, sunglasses play a crucial role in providing reliable eye protection. The evil eye road bike sunglasses excel in safeguarding your eyes against harmful UV radiation and potential hazards like dust, grit, and insects. This is achieved through their exceptional fit, ensuring a snug placement on the face to prevent slipping. Investing in high-quality sports glasses from evil eye ensures that discomfort from watery eyes due to wind exposure while cycling becomes a thing of the past.

    Moreover, evil eye offers the option to customize your racing bike sunglasses to address optical needs, which is particularly beneficial for cycling professionals who need prescription. Collaborating with the esteemed Austrian premium brand Silhouette, evil eye delivers precision lenses individually tailored to meet your specific requirements.

    Road Bike Sunglasses: Reliable Eye Protection for Cycling

    Cyclists are familiar with these issues: flies, dust particles, and other foreign objects, as well as wind, cause tears and sun glare, thereby impairing visibility. A good pair of road bike sunglasses skillfully addresses these issues. The glasses prevent foreign objects from entering the eyes and reliably protect against sun exposure. Clear vision and protection of your eyes from injuries are ensured.
    With evil eye sports glasses featuring the unique VARiO technology, you also ensure optimal visibility in rapidly changing light and visibility conditions on the bike. The self-tinting lenses adjust seamlessly to any light situation and support the eye in quickly adapting to light fluctuations. From clear lenses to lenses in orange, blue, or dark gray, you have numerous options to choose the appropriate tint.

    Finding the Right Road Bike Sunglasses by evil eye

    When searching for suitable sunglasses for road biking, it's important to take into account your cycling habits:

    • Do you spend a lot of time in the forest, in snowy winter landscapes, or near a lake? Depending on the terrain, different demands on the road bike sunglasses may be relevant.

    • Do you ride only during the day or also at dusk or at night? In that case, interchangeable lenses with different tints could be crucial.

    • Should UV protection be the priority, or do you need additional functionalities?

    Besides individual requirements, there are criteria that all evil eye sunglasses fulfill:

    • 100% UV protection

    • comfortable fit

    • no slipping

    • robust frame

    Features and Functions of our Road Bike Sunglasses

    Equipped with advanced Austrian-made technology, evil eye sports glasses offer significant advantages for your cycling experience. These sunglasses seamlessly adjust to the varying conditions and physical demands encountered during road biking, ensuring optimal performance.

    ventilation system - Serves to ventilate the glasses, reducing vision restrictions and fogging.

    • - The triple-angle adjustable temple arms ensure comfortable wear.

    • double-snap nose bridge - Provides individual fit on any nose.

    Road bike sunglasses with prescription

    For high-speed road cycling, dependable sports glasses are indispensable. If you contend with visual impairment, opting for sports glasses with optical lenses is imperative to maintain clear vision. evil eye's road bike sports glasses can be tailored to your prescription, offering you various customization options:

    • Direct glazing: For permanently clear vision while cycling, glasses with direct glazing in your prescription are suitable.

    • Clip-in lenses: With this option, the optical lenses of the sports glasses can be attached to the inside of the glasses with a clip-in function as needed.

    • Adapter variant: Equipped with an adapter, the lenses can be easily inserted into the sunglasses.

    FAQ's about Road bike sunglasses

    What sunglasses do professional cyclists wear?

    As a road cyclist, emphasis should be placed on professional sports glasses - clear vision and perfect grip are essential. With a large lens, the field of vision is unrestricted, and the eyes are adequately protected from all sides.

    How should road bike sunglasses fit?

    When it comes to road bike sunglasses, a comfortable fit is crucial, ensuring they sit snugly on your head without causing uncomfortable pressure. If your eyelashes make contact with the lens, it's a sign that the glasses are too small. With evil eye sports glasses, you're guaranteed a perfect fit: their triple-adjustable temple arms allow for personalized adjustments, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit every time.

    Why do road cyclists wear sunglasses?

    A good pair of sunglasses is not only a fashionable accessory when road cycling but an essential protection for the eyes. They protect against sunlight and environmental influences such as wind, insects, dust, and other foreign objects such as low-hanging branches, which can potentially cause injuries, especially at high speeds. It's crucial not to forego sports glasses, especially at high speeds.

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