Team Richard-Placette


Nationality: French
Disciplines: Beach Volleyball

French beach volleyball partners, Alexia Richard and Lézana Placette, have formed a formidable alliance for almost a decade, actively participating in Challenge and Elite 16 tournaments on a global scale. Currently, their focus is on the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, where their objective is to secure qualification and clinch a medal. Over the past two years, they have achieved notable progress, consistently ranking among the top 25 teams worldwide. Noteworthy accomplishments include a 4th place finish at the Elite 16 in Cape Town, South Africa (2022), and a 5th place in the Mexico Challenge in La Paz (2023).

Effective communication stands as a cornerstone for their successful partnership, with an emphasis on shared goals, a resilient mindset, and authentic camaraderie. Their bond extends beyond the court, underscoring the strength of their friendship.
Beach volleyball presents a unique amalgamation of individual and team dynamics, demanding proficiency in technical, physical, and mental aspects. Notably, matches unfold without the guidance of a coach, necessitating independent decision-making by the athletes.

Looking ahead to the future of their sport, the duo expresses a desire for increased recognition of beach volleyball in France. Despite recent improvements, the sport still lacks widespread awareness in their home country. With the impending Olympics in Paris, they aspire to enhance the sport's visibility by organizing a significant tournament at the base of the Eiffel Tower.
To actively promote beach volleyball in France, they have established the "Pari2024" association. Their primary goal is to make the sport accessible to a diverse audience, irrespective of background or financial means. Their long-term vision involves fostering widespread development and heightened visibility for beach volleyball in France.


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