Gela Allmann


Nationalität: Deutschland
Geburtstdatum: 24 Apr 1984
Disziplinen: Trail Running
Heimatstadt: München

Gela Allmann's great passions include mountain running and ski mountaineering. During her active time as a competitive athlete, she won numerous competitions in these disciplines. But 2014 took a serious and dark turn in her life when a life altering accident happened. While on a photoshoot on location in Iceland, Gela fell 800m over a treacherous rock and ice cliff. She survived with serious injury. Gathering her strength and focusing her dedicated mindset to recovery, she was able to resume her training and is now back and here to tell the tale.

Through her accident, Gela has learned to take more time doing what she loves and enjoy every single summit she reaches knowing how lucky she is to be there. It gives her great strength and resolve having overcome that harrowing incident. She says, it is a feeling of sheer joy and overwhelm each time she makes it to a peak.

Smile, Love, Don't give up!

Today, Gela shares her tales of recovery and determination and channels that into motivational training for others. She helps people find courage where they’d least expect it: even in what feels like the darkest moments of life. With her degree in sports science, Gela is also a keynote speaker, presenter, book author and sports model. We’re proud to have collaborated with Gela again this year for our trail running spring-summer advertising campaign shooting.


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